Lifeline Service in Texas

The Lifeline program is a government program designed to help qualified low-income individuals pay the monthly cost of basic telephone service. Lifeline reduces the basic monthly telephone rate by $7 and waives the federal subscriber line charge for those who qualify. In our version of the program you would receive:

  • 125 Free Minutes on a monthly basis.
  • Free service days to keep your service active. (If you have less than 45 service days left we will then grant you, free of charge, 45 service days with your next monthly allotment.)

3 Easy Steps

1. Find out if you qualify for Lifeline Service

You qualify for Lifeline Service in Texas if...

You already participate in one of the following assistance programs:

  • Federal Public Housing Assistance / Section 8
  • Health Benefit Coverage under Children's Health Insurance Plan (CHIP)
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP)
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)


Your total household income is at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG). The table below provides the maximum income you can have to be eligible for service.

Persons in Household Annual Income Monthly Income
1 $16,755 $1,396
2 $22,695 $1,891
3 $28,635 $2,386
4 $34,575 $2,881
5 $40,515 $3,376
6 $46,455 $3,871
7 $52,395 $4,366
8 $58,335 $4,861
Add for each additional person... $5,940 $495

2. Create your TracFone Account

Before you apply, it is necessary that you have a TracFone Account.

  • To create your TracFone Account click here.
    Please provide ALL the information requested including your TracFone telephone and serial numbers (or IMEI).
  • If you are already registered in "My Account", make sure that the TracFone you wish to enroll in the Lifeline program has been added to the account. If it has not been added to your account, you can add it by signing in and selecting "Add Phone" in the account summary page.

Once your account has been created and your TracFone has been added to the account, go on to step 3 for instructions on how to apply to the service.

3. Apply for Lifeline

To apply for Lifeline Services in Texas, fill out and submit the Self-Enrollment Form.
There are 3 ways to submit your form:

Important Information before applying:

  • The Self-Enrollment Form requests that you include a copy of your latest telephone and electric bills with your application. You do not need to provide a copy of your latest telephone bill as your service is a prepaid service. This will not make your application fail.
  • The information in your Account must match the information submitted in the self-enrollment form and your TracFone must have been added to your TracFone Account.
  • Make sure that the number you add in "Telephone Number" field of the Self-Enrollment Form is your TracFone telephone number.

To print the Self-Enrollment Form click on the button below and select the link "Self-Enrollment Form".