Start transferring my number from another company


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Information You will Need

The following information is required and can be found on your billing statement or by contacting your current service provider:

-Your Account Number
-Your Password or PIN*
-Your contact Information as it is registered with your current service provider

*Some service providers may not require the use of a password or PIN. If you are unsure whether or not you have one, please contact your service provider since you will need this information to complete your request.

Portability Requirements

To Port In your existing telephone number to your TracFone and obtain wireless service provided by TracFone Wireless, Inc., you (the Subscriber) must agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. In order to transfer or port in your phone number to TracFone Wireless, Inc. you must have a TracFone wireless phone.
  2. The number you are Porting must be active with your old service provider.
  3. Once you have provided us with your information, the transfer process should take a few hours to complete. In some cases, it could take as long as 2 business days. It may take longer for landline phone numbers. During this time, your current phone will still work.
  4. If you switch your home telephone number to TracFone, your home telephone service will be disconnected when your port is completed.
  5. You must keep your TracFone service active by adding airtime within TracFone's guidelines for maintaining active service. If your TracFone service does not remain active, you will lose your ported number. For further information, please review TracFone Wireless’ Terms and Conditions of Service.
  6. If the ZIP Code associated to the phone number is not the ZIP Code for your local calling area your TracFone will be roaming in your local calling area.

I agree to the above terms

My Port was already completed. Activate my TracFone.

Continue here if your old phone has stopped working, which means that the Port was completed and your new phone is ready to be activated. Otherwise, check your case status click here.

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