CDMA Bring Your Own Phone - Check program compatibility and Register your phone

Let's check if your phone is compatible with TracFone's Bring your Own Phone CDMA program. If it is compatible, you will be able to register it and get your service activated today. If your phone is not compatible with the program, you will receive a message indicating this and will not be able to register.

Please enter your Phone's IMEI, MEID, MEID DEC, or MEID HEX. If your phone has both an IMEI and MEID, try with the IMEI first. If that fails, then try with your MEID. In many phones it can be found by going to the "Settings" menu and selecting "About Phone" and then "Status." It may also be found on a label underneath the battery.



Activation Rules

120 Seconds

Your Session Is About To Expire. Do You Want To Keep It Alive?